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About Us

About Us

Stor-A-Hitch™ was invented and designed by two lifelong friends, Jim Rendaci & Rusty Michael.
It's a great story ...

I guess you could say this all started 30 plus years ago when Rusty and Jim met due to similar interests. They were, and still are, involved with boats, motorcycles, muscle cars, race cars, etc. Between the two of them they have towed more trailers, more miles than anybody would want to imagine. One thing that had bothered them forever was the trailer hitch ball mount. Was it rattling around in the vehicle, was it buried under something or laying on the floor in the garage, or was it in the receiver on the truck for you to break your shin when you weren’t paying attention?

Both Rusty and Jim have been involved in the automotive industry for most of their professional careers. Rusty has worked for a variety of suppliers to the auto industry as a Product Engineer, developing many parts for numerous vehicles. Jim has spent most of his career as a district manager for auto manufacturers and also worked on the retail side of the auto business in various capacities at dealerships. Jim is also a former IHRA national record holder; so needless to say, he has towed a trailer once or twice.

Being so closely involved with the industry, both professionally and recreationally, they had the opportunity to discuss what they felt was a problem, not only with people in the automotive market, but with motorcycle, racing, boating, and other enthusiasts who frequently towed trailers. They also spoke to people in the construction, lawn care, and other trades that regularly tow trailers for their thoughts and opinions. Almost unanimously everyone agreed that some type of storage solution would be something they could and would use and that it would be a great benefit to them. So with the information and data they had collected, Rusty and Jim sat down and went to work.

So here you have it. Stor-A-Hitch™!!!

Stor-A-Hitch™ was designed to offer a convenient, secure, and versatile storage solution for a trailer hitch ball mount when not in use.

Stor-A-Hitch™ will provide a reliable, permanent, and economical storage solution at home, in a vehicle, or your trailer.

Thanks for your time, consideration and purchase.
We hope you’ll enjoy Stor-A-Hitch™ as much as we do. Drive safe and tow safe.


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